Creative Capitalist game

This flash game is inspired from the ideology of creative capitalism. For example: In a capitalist world, a drug company invents an anti-ageing drug and takes 24 months for approval to go to the market. In a creative capitalist world, the same drug company invents two drugs. One inexpensive malaria drug for third world countries and an anti-ageing drug. Now it takes only 6 months for approval for both the drugs. This quick approval is a reward for their good deed (Creative Capitalism by Micheal Kinsley). It is a win-win situation for both the parties. This game is inspired from this ideology and designed to play by a creative capitalist.  This game raises this question - What if a capitalist is incentivised to do the work of a politician?

Tools: Stencyl (2D game builder), Adobe illustrator.

Artboard 14.png
Artboard 15.png
Artboard 17.png