Interactive shopping bag.

The idea was to use an existing space or a space in which the brand presence is already established for a user engagement. In this caste GUCCI’s shopping bag was chosen as it carried a strong brand identity. The brief was to create a communication medium which can be used to deliver brand’s sustainable initiatives in a more engaging way. So, these initiatives and information on sustainability were broken down into facts, numbers and videos. An information architecture was created with for this application which will display these digestible information in an engaging way. GUCCI shopping bag was redesigned with pineapple leather from Pinatex Ltd. and the GUCCI logo was used as a marker for augmentation. This application was intended to be integrated into GUCCI’s mobile application. This project uses virtual spaces for communication as it enhances user engagement and elicits user experience.

Collaboration: Centre for Sustainable Fashion (LCF) x Kering (Parent company of GUCCI)

Tools: Unity 3D, Vuforia, Adobe illustrator,  Adobe Photoshop.

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png