Storing Memories in Our Clothing

"Animism is a religious belief which means an object has a distinct spiritual essence." This belief is found in Tsukumogami, a Japanese philosophy as well as in Hindu mythology where an idol is believed to have a soul and sentience. 

I created a clothing which comes to life in a virtual world. This piece of clothing has a soul, consciousness and some memories. It is powered by data. This data is from you. This clothing is a part of you and your consciousness.

This project started with exploring the longevity of a product and user-product relationship, and took a techno-spiritual turn towards the end; for all to critique the current system and to create an alternate future. 

Tools: 3D scanners, Rhinoceros, Unity, Vuforia, , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

How does it work?

I created digital avatars of my friends and recorded their voice messages. These information were stored in the  cloud and will come to life in augmented reality. This idea was prototyped into a mobile application, so whenever you point the phone camera at my t-shirt, my friend’s digital avartar and his voice will come to life. When smart glasses become common, you don’t need a phone. This will be a game-changer when smart contact lenses become commercial (Smart contact lenses are patented by Samsung in 2019).

Sustainability at the heart of it


The inspiration for this project was my father’s watch which was gifted by my grandfather. He wore it everyday, took care of it, repaired it periodically and most importantly, he never threw the watch away. When I asked him why, he said “There are so many memories of my father in this watch, I could never never get rid of the watch or those memories”. I felt that this emotional attachment with things is completely missing in this fast-fashion world. We stopped valuing things and started to throw away tonnes of them to landfills. I wanted to bring back the emotional relationship with clothing and increase the longevity of the clothes in our wardrobes. This desire of mine lead to this question - What if the clothes and memories exist together? If we value our memories, we will inevitably value our clothes.   

Additional feature of the clothing.


Whenever I take a selfie, my t-shirt would jitter and distort for two seconds in different colours according to the air pollution in that particular location. This is a constant feedback system between me and my environment which reminds me to be concerned of my activities towards nature. 

SOUND ON to hear my favourite music

Reward system - Karma points of the clothing increase when you use the it many times, promoting and rewarding slow fashion.

Technology for Sustainability


Augmented Reality (AR) gives access to the virtual spaces around anything. This seems to be the best way to store memories around our clothing, as well as an interesting way engage today’s digital-native generation. AR is not new to us. We use snapchat filters,instagram filters on a daily basis and even without our knowledge, our phone cameras apply beauty filters on our face. So, I decied to use this ingenious technology to do some good for our environment.